The MasterCoach

HR Value Proposition 

MasterCoach is a Singapore startup that offers a disruptive HR Tech (app) to address 3 big-category HR problems impacting organisations today:


1. The global employee engagement challenge

2. Universally low return-on-investment (ROI) of corporate training programmes which cost organisations millions each year

3. Traditional performance appraisals focusing disproportionately on past behaviour over empowering current and future performance.


Substantial solutions have yet to emerge, which led Josh Bersin (Deloitte), a leading voice on HR Tech and talent management, to ask, “Can we build HR software that really improves productivity and helps teams work better?"


While there are informational tools for tracking engagement, development and performance KPIs, there are no substantial action tools that managers can use to increase the motivation and performance of teams.


MasterCoach is the world’s first action-based coaching app for growing people and performance. It offers field-tested tools that managers can easily use in their daily leadership roles to:


1. Strengthen Employee Engagement – MasterCoach’s key features are built on Gallup’s research findings which show that leaders of highly-engaged teams do three things – Spotlight strengths, Collaborate to set clear performance goals, and Check in regularly on progress.


2. Increase Training ROI – Research shows that training ROI increases sharply, as much as 500%, when leaders coach employees to set measurable learning goals and stay accountable to completing them. MasterCoach provides practical tools, even the questions to ask, to coach through these actions.


3. Re-make Performance Management – MasterCoach is designed to shift managers from the default mode of ‘telling’ to coaching out the ideas, action steps and buy-in from employees – with a new effectiveness.

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